scooting today

Uncle Adam gave me an adult scooter for Christmas. I will admit, I love it. I have so much fun zooming around with the boys. Today we scooted and played for about 3 hours this afternoon. It was a beautiful spring day.


Way too long

I am not going to try to catch up. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I am just going to post a few of my favorite most recent photos.






It’s been a little while since I have written.  We had a wonderful December.  Grandma Care, Grandpa Richard and all our Kirkham aunts and uncles (Jodi- you were missed) came to visit.  It was serious fun!  We had a great advent calendar with fun festive things to do every day of the month.  And then I had surgery on the 19th.  Since then … life has been a little out of control.  Uncle Adam stayed with the boys – they loved it! while I was at the hospital.  I will be eternally grateful to Adam.  We are all doing well.  I am sore and trying to recover as quickly and smartly as possible (not exactly easy with the little boys).  I am not sure how many, if any, photos we took on Christmas.  It was once again, a strange Christmas at our house.  

I’ll post photos soon!

And I am personally looking forward to a wonderful 2013!!

Holiday preparations

We have had so much fun getting ready for the holidays. Every morning James asks when it is going to be December.








Wow, what an exciting couple of weeks (that is one way of saying it).  All I can say is that I am very very grateful for the small things.  I am grateful that Luke is doing great (that we had no doctor appointments last week and all of his surgery stuff is behind us).  I am grateful that we live on Floor #2 (high enough above the water, only one flight of stairs to navigate in the dark with three kids).  I am most grateful for Josh, who is truly the neighborhood rockstar.  He was up to his waist in sewage/salt water helping move neighbors valuables, shutting down power before the water, even moving the homeless man’s belongings to higher ground.  He was didn’t go to bed before 4:00am most nights.  He is awesome.

The water started rising last Sunday evening.  My street literally turned into a river.  Our basement and elevator filled up with about 3 feet of water.  The eletricity was out for a week but overall, it was an adventure.  The boys had a blast.  We set up our camping tent in the main room and pulled out the sleeping bags.  It is kind of awesome to go to bed and get up with the sun.


Three weeks post surgery, Luke is doing great. He had a super pubic tube removed yesterday and we are both very thrilled. He took a real bath last night. He seems genuinely happy again. Woohoo!




Today was picture day at school. The boys looked mighty cute – I’m objective, of course.




Yesterday while I was waiting to pick James up from preschool, I noticed a book hanging outside his classroom.  It was a book made by all the kids in his class and I think the title was Feelings.  Each page was a photo and a quote from each kid about what makes him or her happy or sad.  On James’ page, there was a huge smile and it read, “I feel happy when my mommy and daddy take me to the carwash.”


I love this because I have never taken James to a carwash.  I think it has been at least a decade since I have been to a carwash.  But from what I remember, a carwash makes me happy too.